Biology Plus Business Add Up for Arnett

Biology Plus Business Add Up for Arnett

SWEET BRIAR, Va. --- Lyndsay Arnett '12 (Lakeville, Minn./Lakeville North) played for four years on the Vixen Soccer team and while on campus, the Minnesotan took full advantage of all Sweet Briar has to offer.  Arnett balanced the rigors of earning a double major (biology and business) with varsity athletic commitments.  The newly minted alumnae also found time to compete as a member of the SBC Club Fencing team.


Arnett will also be remembered for her volunteer work.  During the 2011-12 academic year, she served as a senior class campaign volunteer and when not involved in commitments on campus, Arnett could be found working at the Amherst Humane Society.


With the double major in tow, Arnett begins graduate work in the accounting program this summer at the College of William and Mary.  Initially  drawn to accounting by her love of math and desire to work in public accounting, Arnett cautions that she will declare a more specific academic plan once she has a few courses under her belt and can fully explore her options with graduate school advisors.



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