Sweet Briar wins on the flat; Skyhawks take hunt seat

Sweet Briar wins on the flat; Skyhawks take hunt seat

MARTIN, Tenn. — For the second-straight day, the Sweet Briar NCEA team won equitation on the flat, but the overall hunt seat was won by host Tennessee-Martin at the Ned McWherter Agricultural Complex.

After winning equitation over fences, 5-0, the Skyhawks picked up one final point on the flat to top the Vixens 6-3 overall.

Sweet Briar first-year Britt Larson-Jackson (Washington, D.C.) was the top scorer for the Vixens over fences with 80 points on Rose, but was edged 82-80 by Lindsay Anderson of UT-Martin.

Equitation on the flat saw Sweet Briar score an event victory for the second time this week, following a victory on the flat against South Dakota State on Thursday.

Sweet Briar earned the first point when senior Emily Schlosberg (Fairfax, Va.) topped Kelby Kane 82-76, while riding Honor.

First-year Charlotte Hadley (Tiverton, R.I.) rode Rose during the first half of equitation on the flat to a score of 82. Hadley's score held when Quinn Reed socred 76 on Rose, which gave Hadley a team point for the Vixens.

For the second-straight meet, sophomore Lily Peterson (Ashland, Va.) scored an 89 on the flat, taking a close 89-88 victory on Dawson over Abbie Hopkins. 

Sweet Briar first-year Maggie Fraley (White Haven, Pa.) earned a draw with Lindsay Anderson, as both riders scored 83 points on Maximus.

The Vixens have earned an event victory in all four NCEA meets this season, sitting 2-2 over fences and 2-2 on the flat early in the 2018-19 season.

For Tennessee-Martin, Hopkins was named Most Outstanding Performer over fences, while Monika Zoromski earned the nod on the flat.

Sweet Briar hosts No. 8 South Carolina in the fall finale on October 26 at the Harriet Howell Riding Center.

Equitation over Fences

Emily Schlosberg, SBC 78 Finn 84 Kelby Kane, UTM
Katie Balding, SBC 72 Maximus 86 Abbie Hopkins, UTM
Lily Peterson, SBC 74 Castello 79 Brooke Pfeiffer, UTM
Britt Larson-Jackson, SBC 80 Rose 82 Lindsay Anderson, UTM
Maggie Fraley, SBC 31 Dawson 75 Monika Zoromski, UTM


Equitation on the Flat

Emily Schlosberg, SBC 82 Honor 76 Kelby Kane, UTM  
Charlotte Hadley, SBC 82 Rose 76 Quinn Reed, UTM
Lily Peterson, SBC 89 Dawson 88 Abbie Hopkins, UTM  
Katie Balding, SBC 88 Ava 90 Monika Zoromski, UTM
Maggie Fraley, SBC 83 Maximus 83 Lindsay Anderson, UTM