Alumna Explains Why Sweet Briar: The Women's College Advantage

Alumna Explains Why Sweet Briar: The Women's College Advantage

SWEET BRIAR, Va. --- Lauren Friend McKelvey ’03 visited campus with her family during Reunion Weekend 2013. The former standout swimmer and 2003 Crysler Award winner vividly remembers why she chose Sweet Briar College.


McKelvey, who now practices law in northern Virginia, credits her SBC experiences as excellent preparation for graduate studies and law school.  The broad based liberal arts education coupled with the myriad of activities offered at Sweet Briar broaden the horizons for this Golden State native.


While at SBC, McKelvey excelled as a swimmer, became an accomplished piano player, held office in student government three out of four years and built relationships with friends and professors that last a lifetime.  McKelvey also received the 2003 Presidential Medal and she is Sweet Briar's first and only NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship recipient.


Listen as McKelvey explains why she chose Sweet Briar.



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