Welcome to the Vixen Den!

Dedicated to Campus Happiness

Welcome to The Vixen Den run by a team of committed alumnae called The Vixen Task Force. Our mission is to spread love and happiness on the Sweet Briar College campus to students and the entire community. We plan general campus happiness events and promote school spirit at campus athletic events. Campus happiness events can take several forms: food trucks, care packages, community building, dorm deliveries and for athletic events..."Vixen Treats".

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1/20 Food Truck Day

Upper Crust Pizza Company in the Quad 2:00-4:00

2/17 Food Truck Day

El Cabrito's in the Quad 2:00-4:00

 3/16 Food Truck Day 

Blue Ridge BBQ in the Quad 2:00-4:00

4/20 Food Truck Day

TBD in the Quad 2:00-4:00

5/2 Exam Snacks

Snack baskets delivered to all residence halls and
academic buildings via The Flower Basket

5/5 Food Truck Day

Sluggo's Sundae Drive in the Quad  2:00-4:00