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Makanah Dunham Morriss
Year: 1966
Team: Riding
Induction Class: 2017

A talented rider from a young age, Rev. Makanah Morriss came to Sweet Briar in 1963 with her twin sister, Sally, and her show mare, Gay Chapeau. Morriss showed and hunted at Sweet Briar and at neighboring colleges and hunt clubs and was a trail guide, taking other students out on the College's many trails.

She was chair of the Sweet Briar Horse Show her senior year, and prior to that was also a member of the Riding Council, YWCA, and the Campus Chest Committee. She was also an editor for the literary magazine and co-chair for Hunter Trials.

Morriss has shown dedication to Sweet Briar and the riding program for many years. She served as a committee member for Reunion gifts, Boxwood Circle, Visiting Committee on Riding, and has been a Class Secretary. Rev Morriss is a retired Unitarian Universalist minister, and for her class's 50th Reunion in 2016, she officiated as one of four members of clergy for the Service of Remembrance.

Makanah's love of Sweet Briar has lasted beyond her four years as a student, making significant contributions to the college through her dedication, involvement, and support. She has stayed engaged, attending events at the College and joining Friends of Riding.

Congratulations to these deserving inductees of Sweet Briar's Athletics and Riding Hall of Fame!