Alumna Spotlight: Meagan Bell '09

Alumna Spotlight: Meagan Bell '09
In our new Alumna Spotlight series, we catch up with former Sweet Briar College athletes on what they've been up to since graduation and how Sweet Briar prepared them for that transition. In today's feature, we talk with Meagan Bell, Class of 2009.
What year did you graduate from Sweet Briar? 2009
Which sport(s) did you play while at Sweet Briar? Volleyball & Softball
What have you been doing since you graduated? I have spent most of my time since college volunteering in the Lynchburg, VA community through the Junior League of Lynchburg and United Way, and working for Harris Corporation and WestRock in various Financial Analyst roles. I currently hold a position in Sales Operations as a Business Intelligence Analyst.  
What parts of being a college athlete best prepared you for life after college? The parts of being a college athlete that best prepared me for life after college were teamwork, communication, leadership, and accountability. Participating in team-based athletics during college prepared me for the professional environment by understanding how to depend on teammates for various strengths to create an overall stronger team able to execute at a high-performance level; the importance of communicating within that team, and how various roles are crucial for the overall success of the team. 
How did Sweet Briar specifically prepare you for life after college? The education that Sweet Briar provides is exceptional. I was able to learn from extremely intelligent professors who made me feel that they were invested in my overall education. They gave me the confidence to lead as a professional woman. This experience in the classroom prepared me to provide valuable inputs in various situations and equipped me with critical thinking skills for bringing solutions to the table.
What advice would you give to high school recruits? Savor every minute of your college experience. When people say it goes by fast, they are telling the truth. Be sure to stretch yourself outside of your comfort zone, not too much to where you feel overwhelmed, but enough to be conscious of the fact you are doing something you may have disregarded previously. Find the value in every relationship you have during those years, whether a first-year roommate, coach or new best friend they will all leave some sort of footprint of your life.