52 Sweet Briar Student-Athletes Named To ODAC All-Academic Team

52 Sweet Briar Student-Athletes Named To ODAC All-Academic Team

The Old Dominion Athletic Conference has announced its 2017-18 All-Academic Team, which features 52 Sweet Briar College student-athletes.

Old Dominion Athletic Conference student-athletes set a record for the eighth straight season and topped the 2,000-mark for the first time as 2,001 honorees comprise the 2016-17 ODAC All-Academic Team.  Representatives from each of the conference's 17 member institutions -- 14 full-time and three associates -- pushed the squad's total over 1,000 for the 11th consecutive year.

Below is a complete list of Vixens named to the ODAC All-Academic Team and a total for each team:

Cross Country- 4

Field Hockey- 5

Golf- 3

Lacrosse- 5

Riding- 20

Soccer- 14

Softball- 2

Swimming- 4

Tennis- 8


Mary Kate Bailey- Field Hockey/Softball/Equestrian

Samantha Baker- Tennis

Courtney Barry- Equestrian

Hannah Beall- Equestrian

Makayla Benjamin- Equestrian

Marina Biel- Equestrian

Cassidy Bodkin- Soccer

Brooke Burnett- Swimming, Lacrosse

Alexa Dahlin- Soccer

Des'rae Davis- Soccer, Tennis

Emily Dodson- Field Hockey

Cassie Fenton- Equestrian

Annabeth Griffin- Equestrian

Lydia Gullicksen- Cross Country

Sydney Hodge- Golf

Kiley Jolicooeur- Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Meghan Kaiser- Equestrian

Kayla Kisbaugh- Soccer

Maddy Lee- Equestrian

Jessica Lusby- Field Hockey, Lacrosse

Cecilia Mahan- Equestrian

Katrina Matz- Equestrian

Karylnn McCarthy- Soccer

Mary McDevitt- Swimming

McKenzie Michiels- Equestrian

Svetlana Morgan- Soccer

Abby Narodowy- Equestrian

Courtney Nelson- Soccer

Maggy O'Donell- Cross Country

Rebecca Parrish- Golf

Rachel Partington- Soccer

Elizabeth Phaup- Soccer, Lacrosse

Meagan Phister- Golf

Ashton Reid- Soccer, Lacrosse

Erika Rugh- Softball

Gina Rutledge- Tennis

Nicole Sabovick- Equestrian

Emily Schlosberg- Equestrian

Olivia Fabian Slocum- Equestrian

Amber Snyder- Equestrian

Erin Snyder- Equestrian

Amanda Terry- Field Hockey/Softball

Emma Thom- Tennis, Equestrian

Caroline Thomas- Soccer, Swimming

Lacey Tucker- Soccer, Tennis

Kim Uglam- Cross Country

Emily Wandling- Tennis

Melissa Wert- Soccer

Alicia Wooten- Soccer, Tennis

Em Wurster- Equestrian

Samantha Yew- Tennis

Claire Zak- Cross Country, Swimming


A full list of all 2,001 student-athletes named to the All-Academic Team can be found here.