Upchurch Field House

Upchurch Field House is part of the new Fitness and Athletics Center. The design allows our programs to host indoor tennis, soccer, hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, and basketball. Upchurch also has an indoor batting cage for use by the softball team. All of our varsity teams have taken advantage of the new facility, and we know that they will keep growing now that we have this great area to work in.

The surface of the indoor facility is Gerflor Corporation's Taraflex Multipurpose Flooring. Taraflex has been selected as the indoor surface of choice for many colleges and universities across the country. As described by the Gerflor's literature "all Taraflex® synthetic floors are designed for safety and comfort. Their multi-layered construction includes 100% pure vinyl, a reinforced fiberglass grid and closed-cell foam backing to provide shock absorption, help fight fatigue, deliver consistent ball bounce, and protect against skin burns." This will undoubtedly provide a great sport and activity area  for our Physical Education and Athletics Department, and for the overall campus community here at Sweet Briar College.

A few examples events held in Upchurch Field House are shown below:

Varsity Tennis match (above)

Varsity Lacrosse practice (below)

Indoor Soccer Game (below)