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What Division III has to offer

  • Division III athletics provides a well-rounded collegiate experience that involves a balance of rigorous academics, competitive athletics, and the opportunity to pursue the multitude of other co-curricular and extra-curricular opportunities offered on Division III campuses.
  • Division III playing season and eligibility standards minimize conflicts between athletics and academics, allowing student-athletes to focus on their academic programs and the achievement of a degree.
  • Division III offers an intense and competitive athletics environment for student-athletes who play for the love of the game, without the obligation of an athletics scholarship.
  •  Division III athletics departments place special importance on the impact of athletics on the participants rather than on the spectators. The student-athlete's experience is of paramount concern.
  • Division III athletics departments are dedicated to offering broad-based programs with a high number and wide range of athletics participation opportunities for both men and women.
  • Division III places primary emphasis on regional in-season and conference competition, while also offering 36 national championships annually.
  • Division III affords student-athletes the opportunity to discover valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, perseverance, and leadership, which in turn make student-athletes better students and responsible citizens.
  • Division III features student-athletes who are subject to the same admission standards, academic standards, housing, and support services as the general student body. The integration of athletics with the larger institution enables student-athletes to experience all aspects of campus life.
  • Division III encourages student-athletes to take advantage of the many opportunities available to them, both within and beyond athletics, so that they may develop their full potential as students, athletes, and citizens. 


Celebratory Signing Form

Signing Form (.doc)

13.9 Letter-of-Intent Programs.

13.9.1 Letter-of-Intent Prohibition. An institution shall not use any form of a letter of intent or similar form of commitment in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete. However, it shall be permissible for the institution to use in the recruitment of a prospective student-athlete its pre-enrollment forms executed by prospective students in general at that institution. [D] (Revised: 1/10/05, 12/23/09) Exception -- Nonbinding Athletics Celebratory Form. An institution may use a standard, nonbinding athletics celebratory signing form after a prospective student-athlete has been accepted for enrollment to the institution. The standard form shall be made available by the NCAA national office. (Adopted: 1/17/15 effective 4/15/15) Staff Member Presence. An institution may not permit a prospective student-athlete to sign the standard, nonbinding athletics celebratory signing form on the institution's campus, nor may institutional staff members be present when a prospective student-athlete signs the standard, nonbinding celebratory signing form. (Adopted: 5/6/15, Revised: 10/20/15)