And Her Name Is....

And Her Name Is....

INDIANA! Finally, “The Vixen” has a name! Indiana was officially introduced today at Sweet Briar College’s Families Weekend just before the first volleyball game at 11:59 am.  In grand fashion, Indiana was introduced in front of one of the largest home crowds gathered in Williams Gymnasium. 

Sweet Briar students welcomed friends and family today for Families Weekend, and the event attendance was high for the naming of “The Vixen.” A campus-wide campaign has been taking place since early September for suggestions to give our beloved mascot a name. Votes were submitted during Homecoming Weekend; they were then tallied and approved by senior Sweet Briar staff members.

The “Name the Vixen” Campaign was finalized to the theme music of “Raider’s of the Lost    Ark,” composed and conducted by John Williams in 1981 (I’m sure you remember the lead character archeology professor Indian Jones!).  Indiana came charging out to the volleyball teams and was introduced just before the game against the Avenging Angels of Meredith College in front of an extremely enthusiastic crowd!  An athletic sprint followed by a double-knee slide toward the Vixen volleyball squad, Indiana greeted her fans donning a #10 Vixen T-Shirt—with her name “INDIANA” on her back. She then raised her arms in a champion-like victory strut as the volleyball team threw some INDIANA VIXEN t-shirts to commemorate the event. President Parker and Indy are shown here at the soccer game.

The name “Indiana” was deemed the most appropriate name for the Sweet Briar College Vixen for a few reasons.  Indiana Fletcher Williams was the founder of Sweet Briar College. The literal meaning of the name, which is used for either gender, is “land of Indians”—the Commonwealth of Virginia is home to many Native American tribes including the Chickahominy, Mattaponi, and Monacan tribes to name just a few! The mascot of Sweet Briar College Athletics needed a name that represents what our teams strive to represent—strength, intelligence, a sense of history, and pride in our athletic endeavors.

Please join us in welcoming our new teammate and biggest fan at Sweet Briar Athletics--#10, INDIANA!